Annotated College Magazine


co mag


This is a direct mode of address which has a big effect on the reader as they may feel that the magazine was purposely made for them. It breaks the 4th wall

(1)Sans serif writing to give a professional look on the front cover. This will affect the audience as they may feel professional themselves.

(2)Serious quote here which will attract certain readers. Such as smokers but perhaps even non-smokers as they would like to spread the truth.

The fact that this doesn’t display any price on the font cover suggests that it’s addressed at anyone. C1, C2, D, E and even F.

(3)Bar-code to indicate this is a professional and ready for the shops magazine, which will make the reader feel a sense of pride or happiness as they are buying quality products.

(4)This gossip will attract some readers as they would want to find out more about it.

(5)A mid shot to give the audience a clear view of the student or model.






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