As Media

Hola, my name is Francis, I’m a media A Level student that travelled a long way to study at St Bonaventure’s as I wanted a change. I’m currently studying media, product design and sociology. Even though I haven’t studied media or sociology before, I’m very intrigued to finding out more. I enjoy creative things such as these … More As Media

Diversity Poster

This is a painted wall in my borough Hackney. I go past this when I’m going to church. This painting has been on this wall for a very long time. As you can see in the painting, there are various types of people in it. This represents the diversity within our culture ands how we … More Diversity Poster

Issues/ Representation

  Over the years Hip hop has been portrayed as violent music that encourages violence and disrespect against the law enforcements. Some believe that the reasons why some young people have turned so violent and aggressive is because of the ponderously influential lyrics that the hip hop artist deliver that they listen to. Others say that these … More Issues/ Representation

Feedback of peers for college magazine front cover and content pages.

This is the feedback some of my peers gave me when I showed them my front and content page of my magazine. I showed them this because I wanted to get feedback to see how it would look to other people. I have managed to change some of the things they mentioned but I am … More Feedback of peers for college magazine front cover and content pages.