‘No Laughing Matter’ movie



I was part of a movie about how dangerous Laughing Gas really is. It was to raise awareness about the fact that many young people may think that it’s completely harmless where actually it’s one of the most dangerous drugs around. I was the main character that got injured as a result of an over excessive take of the laughing gas. It was really exciting as it was a new experience for me. I had fake stitches painted on my face to show that I tripped and fell, fake laughing gas canisters and many other exciting things. Over all that I managed to get the message across clearly.

This movie was done for NCS Headstart. This is an organisation that helps young people change their community in different ways. I chose to be part of this extraordinary thing because there are many benefits to it. I wanted to really inform people but directly aiming for the young people in our communities, about the dangers that are rising in our growing present generation. Also it’s very enjoyable and helps work and interact with new people that we normally wouldn’t meet. Another benefit is that after we finish with the programme, we will receive a certificate that we can add to our UCAS applications for university. Overall I enjoyed myself as it was something new and different to what I would normally, which is help set up the location and scene.


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