Selected and Rejected Images for College magazine

study zoneI selected this image because it is very clear and shows us that it’s an establishing shot. This is where students come to do independent. This would be very useful for me because it can relate to one of the articles about students working hard.

zonw 3I chose this image because it’s a wide shot of the football players and coach. This would be very relevant to my magazine as there is also an article about football.

zone I rejected this shot because it’s blurry and not focused enough. Also it doesn’t get a good view of the students actually at work. This would not be relevant to my magazine as I would some clear images of students

zone 4 I chose this image because it’s an even clearer establishing shot. This shows the school building that the students study.

zone 5 I rejected this image because it’s not very well taken. The photographer got their finger in front of the lens which ruins the whole picture as you can’t see the entire body of the model.

zone 6 I selected this image because it is a low angle shot which is very effective as it reveals a sense of authority. It is also it shows a student professionally dressed for school and ready to learn as they have their equipment. Also the student’s image slightly appears to be a deep focus.

zone 7 I selected this image as it is two shot. This could imply to the reader that the students at St Bons are loyal and help each other. This is very effective as I want my readers to actually reflect upon their lives when they read my magazines, to actually remember something new each time.

zone 8 I would use this image as the lighting is very useful. This is because the image sends a message to the readers. As you can see the light is shining on the ball more which could be interpreted that it’s an important object. Which have a positive influence on the readers as they could try to take part in such activities such as basketball.


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