Feedback of peers for college magazine front cover and content pages.


This is the feedback some of my peers gave me when I showed them my front and content page of my magazine. I showed them this because I wanted to get feedback to see how it would look to other people. I have managed to change some of the things they mentioned but I am still making progress. There were some improvement points, for example one of my peers said that there was no picture link between cover and content pages. I understood what he meant so I got a different picture of the model and put it on the content page.

Another peer also said that the front was too “blocky”, he meant that the boxes around the cell lines were too big, so I got rid of them and used lines. Others said that the use of gradient and colours were good, which really means a lot as I had no idea of how to actually do it. After some assistance from one of my peers and my teacher, I mastered it.


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