Music Magazine photo shoot plan


Working title: STARS with the replacement of the letter A with an actual star This is because I want the readers to know that they will be reader about big artists that have succeeded and excelled to the top.
Genre: Hip-Hop This is because I tend to know a little bit more about this genre than the others.
Target Audience: Teenagers 15- adults 21 This is because these are the type of people that are old enough for perhaps their parents to attend such concerts.
Price: $5.75


This is because professional magazines are quite expensive too.





This is because I want my readers and audience to be able to follow up updates and other things electronically.
Feedback from primary research will act upon The type of artist they mentioned and recommended could be included This would be good as it helps me to get an insight into what type of artist they are interested in and would like read about.



Choice of model on front cover: A male model This is because I want to maintain the representation of authority, as hip-hop is mainly thought about male being the leaders.



Location: In school with a background of a brick wall. This is because I want to show that the artist’s background was ordinary but he looked past it.
Props: Microphone I want them to be holding it so that the readers know that they are music artist
Costume: Era hat, possibly chains, jeans, T-shirt with probably a cardigan over it. These are the types of things hip-hop artist wear.

Different angles?

Low angle

Mid shot

Low angle because I want to emphasise the authority and power these artists have at the top.

A mid shot because I want the readers to see the model clearly and the essence of who they are.

Gestures/Body language:
Different poses?
The model will be looking down at the camera that’s positioned on the floor.

Directly looking straight into the camera’s lens as the cameras directly in front of them.

This will also help the readers feel that the model is giving them the attention that they want. Direct mode of address.



How many different set-ups?  Vary costume, props etc.

Location: In the classroom, outdoors with possibly a brick wall behind. This is because I want there to be a clear background using the photo-shoot curtains and good lighting.

This is also because I want the readers to know that these artist started small, but worked incredibly hard to join or become the elite.

Models: One male that will be for the cover story,   This because the cover story is about him and I want to use these people as they could be suitable for the roles.
Props: microphone This is because I want the main artist to look like he actually knows what type of equipment’s they should use. This makes the magazine more professional as readers could find it easy to accept.
Costume: Big jacket, jeans, hat, This is because in the history of hip hop, the artists normally tend to wear big clothing to portray themselves as supreme.
Shots: Close up of the main artist sitting on a chair. This is because I want the readers to get a good view of who he is.
Gestures/Body language: The man artist would look directly at into the camera and front whilst holding the microphone in both hands, resting on his legs.   This is because I want him to come across as intimidating as he doesn’t want anyone else on his level.



How many different set-ups?   Vary costume, props etc.


Location: In the classroom This is because there are equipment’s available that can project the correct amount of light.
Models: The male model that was used for the cover story This is because I want my magazine to look as professional as possible, so I must keep the same models.
Props: I may use the same microphone, and possibly some drumsticks in his hands This is because I want to show the readers and audience that he also knows how to play a musical instrument.
Costume: Leather jacket, jeans, t-shirt, trainers. Possibly some chains This is because I want this artist to show that he feels comfortable in whatever he wears, also the hip hop artist tend to wear these types of clothing’s.
Shots: Low angle, mid shot, close up I may possibly use these shots because I want the readers to know his status as he looks down on people now because he has earned his pace at the top.
Gestures/Body language: Standing up with has in front, holding microphone and looking directly into the lens of the camera. This is because he may come across as a supreme artist and that he enjoys what he does. Also the view of the microphone may indicate to the readers that this artist likes to use his voice a lot. Possibly for rapping.

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