Double page spread of music magazine Drafts

music double page spread almsot finished


music double page spread now finished


music double page spread new new

music double page spread5


music double page spread 3

music double page spread 4


music double page spread 6


dopuble page spread other p;agenew

These are the images of the progression of my double page spread. You may not see ,much change but I went back and done some correct to the spelling of some words as one of my peers pointed out in the feedback form. I also started small as I didn’t want to make the same mistakes as I did when creating the other pages. I tried to not place everything on the page at one because I wanted to picture the layouts first, even though I drew a previous one. I also made sure that I didn’t change¬†anything in the magazine name at the bottom of the page because I wanted to maintain consistency throughout the pages. However, after all those changes I realised I wanted to put the artist’s image that is looking directly at the audience on a separate page.


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