Feedback Of Peers for music magazine

feedback 1feedback 3feedback 2

Here are 3 feedback forms about the front cover, content page and double page spread of my music magazine that I received from my peers. I showed them this because I wanted to get feedback to see how it would look to other people.

One improvement point that I received was that my models arm on the double page spread looks a bit unnatural. So I fixed it by removing the white image from his arm. 

Another person made a point about the SPAG. I had spelt something wrong. This tells me that I need to proof read more. So I found the mistakes and corrected them.

I received a comment that my model is well “blinged up” which tells me that I used the right costumes which will portray the genre of my magazine well.

I received another improvement point about the article’s content. They said that it seems stretched. The same topic throughout. Need to make it more appealing. This means that I need to go back and perhaps say a bit more.



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