Selected and Rejected Images for Music magazine

DSC_0793I selected this image because it really portrays the genre well and has the type of things a hip hop artist should have. This was a mid shot to allow the readers to see the artist well. Of course the background is terrible, that is why I did a bit of editing on Photoshop to fit it. This tells me that I need to work on my photographing skills. This image is used on the double page spread.

DSC_0792 I also selected this images even though the background wasn’t very good. I edited it later and used it for the content page cover story image. I also used it because the artist had his name on the back of his top which helps the readers identify him quicker.

DSC_0984 I rejected this image because it wasn’t very clear. The monitor was blurry which doesn’t allow the readers to see what the artist is doing which links to the magazine.

DSC_0985 I selected this image because it’s very clear and shows the reader that the artist is hard at work. It also reveals what he is doing on the computer, which is making music. I also chose this because it is an over the shoulder view shot to give an effect that they are standing behind the artist when he was working.

DSC_0990 I rejected this image because I doesn’t really give the readers a clear picture of the artist as it doesn’t have his face or other body parts in it. Although it shows that the artist is interested in drumming, perhaps there could have been an image of him actually in action.

DSC_0988 I selected this image because I want the readers to see the artist in action on the drums.

DSC_0987 I rejected this image because I thought it was very realistic. Although it shows that he is thinking hard, his hair looks a bit blurry.

DSC_0989I rejected this image because it looks as if the artist is wearing a tie and I don’t think hip hop artist would be playing drums in a suit and tie. I wanted it to look as realistic as possible.



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