Q6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?



Firstly, I used a Nikon camera for the photo-shoot and some of the other photos. This was the very first time that I had the opportunity to use such equipment meaning that my knowledge and skills about it were limited. I had to take time and get some assistance in order to master it. I had to learn how to focus the image at first because that’s the important part. I then learnt about the lighting, exposure and flash functions. This then lead me onto the lighting equipment. I gained a bit of knowledge on how to use the light boxes and where to place them. This was also the first time I had ever used them, so it was quite exciting.

As for the program parts, I used a numerous amount of programs. I primarily used Photoshop for the post production reasons to edit the images for the pages of my magazines. I was not comfortable at all using this software as I hadn’t had much practice with it in the past. So I spent quite a lot of time practicing and using it. Eventually I learnt a lot of skills, such as how to create my own gradient. In addition I learnt the use of spot healing to remove spots from the model’s face. I also learned about the use of rulers and how to align my text and images for the appropriate layouts. This I found easy as I used it for the preliminary task. I also used PowerPoint and word 2013 which were very easy. I used PowerPoint for the creation of my slides and I used word 2013 to check the spelling and grammar of my texts. I also learnt how to turn them into a JPEG and then how to export them to other places.

On the bases of platforms, I used quite a few, I used WordPress to create my blog. This was the first time I had ever even heard of his blog software. I had to learn and teach myself how to use it as I was using it because other people chose different things and my teacher had quite a limited knowledge about this type of blog. I learnt how to create categories to organise my pages which were research and planning, construction etc. These made it much easier to navigate around my blog. I also used Slides shear to post my slides for the evaluation section. I used a colour software called Adobe Kuler. This helped and collect the exact colour pallet that I wanted for my magazine pages. This was not challenging at all but I learnt the necessity of some colour schemes and how it I can decide of the house style of my magazine. I also attempted to use PowToon and Prezi but unfortunately it was a fail. I failed to use PowToon because it was a bit too confusing and the exporting process was too taking too long so I scrap that idea. I also failed to use Prezi the first time because it when I had finished using it to answer one of the questions for the evaluation, it wouldn’t allow me to embed it as I had already started using the free trial one. This lead me to just put the link which I thought was a bit long.  Furthermore, I used Survey Monkey to create a questionnaire for my target audience, for the research and planning task. I learnt how to group certain questions and the when to ask the important questions so that they can provide effect answers. For example closed and open questions. This platform also helped me to analyse the results of the questionnaire.


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