Issues/ Representation

  Over the years Hip hop has been portrayed as violent music that encourages violence and disrespect against the law enforcements. Some believe that the reasons why some young people have turned so violent and aggressive is because of the ponderously influential lyrics that the hip hop artist deliver that they listen to. Others say that these … More Issues/ Representation


Mise-en-scene/setting is an iconic part of the iconography within hip-hop and rap. Urban locations, graffiti, hoods/hats and drugs are frequently seen or associated in and around hip-hop and rap as a joint genre, which is very stereotypical also. There is often voyeuristic elements in these types of videos, for example the use of low angle … More Iconography

Conventions of a double page spread

Image of the model. Name of artist or magazine. Web address at the bottom. Quotations. Pull quotes (taken quotes from other pages). Visual motifs. Page number. Sub headings. Introduction. Variety of clothing change. Colour scheme. Alignments. They might something that says new album release in the corner. Some images may be of behind the scene. … More Conventions of a double page spread